Models of civic action

Indeed, non-governmental organizations have important successes, and the saying “there is always strength in numbers” is true. But sometimes even a single citizen or just a few neighbors or a couple of friends can make important changes. And, in order to to create an organization, an initiative or an informal group is needed, as was the case with the APD, the Group for Communication and Social Dialogue – OPINIA. In the civic action models, we want to present only models of civic initiatives of individual citizens or groups of citizens who are not organized in formal groups, examples from all over the country. These, sometimes with their own powers, sometimes with a little support from non-governmental organizations (information and counseling), managed to win victories in their local community. Many of the examples are citizens’ initiatives that were awarded at the Public Participation Awards Gala, initiated by CERE – Resource Center for Public Participation (, others are examples that we have discovered and supported by us Throughout our activity. But most importantly, such examples, which are themselves significant for the change they bring, are here to motivate and inform you for the change that you, the readers of this section, will do in your community. And we are with you with a place of assembly, advice and information, to support you in the democratic participation approach. Here are concrete examples of people who have refused the “impossible” and achieved results. And yes, you can!

Brasov action models



National action models