The mentioned foundations are entities that have funded at one point in the history of the association one or more specific projects, each project at the time of the launch and in the press release, mentioning the funding, amount, purpose, objectives, activities, beneficiaries and expected results of the project.

Because we do not have a permanent financier or consistent and coherent programs that provide funding for projects that target the civic sphere, there are many holes in our work. The civic sector is one of the most underfunded sectors and the continuity of our activity is due not only to the funding we have gained but also to the contribution of the members and volunteers of the association.

The Pro Democracy Association Brasov Branch thanks all its  organizational donors, individual donors and volunteers for their support.

Organisational donors:

Balkan Trust for Democracy . The German Marshall Fund of the United States


US Embassy in România

Foundation for de Development of Civil Society

Foundation for an Open Society

Mott Foundation

National Endowment for Democracy

The German Marshall Fund of the United States Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

We have also benefited from these funding programs that are currently no longer active in Romania:

  • Matra KAP – Embassy of the Netherlands – is no longer active
  • The Matra-KAP Program of Small Grants (Matra Small Embassy Projects Program), also known as the Matra-KAP, is a program implemented through the Embassies and Consulates of the Netherlands from the Central and Eastern European Countries
  • Phare for EU Democracy – is no longer active
  • Democracy Small Grants – US Embassy


Year after year, through their support, we had projects that that encouraged citizens to participate in the public life and in the process of making of the public decisions, to make themselves heard by the politicians and the public authorities.

We thank them  all very much for their support in strengthening the civic participation in Romania.