About us

Who are we

Pro Democracy Association  (APD) is a non governmental, non profit and non partisan organization. Founded in 1990, the Brasov branch is the oldest branch among 25 branches of APD. Having Opinia – The Group for Communication and Social Dialog as a start point, Pro Democracy Association was founded in Brasov. Later, in 1997 and for practical reasons, the Board was moved to Bucharest and now the National Coordination Center is in Bucharest. Among the branch members we have the first two presidents of the association, and also the current president of the APD. 


What do we want

The purpose of Pro Democracy Association is to strengthen the democracy at the national and the international level by stimulating the public participation.   Thus, the aims of the Association are to: improve the relationship between the elected and the electors, the correctness of the electoral process, civic education, involve citizens in public policy decision-making process, improve the transparency of the public institutions and  the control of them from the civil society, protect and obey human rights


Our Vision

A society in witch the citizens’ participation ensure the responsibility of the public servants and the efficiency of the governmental actions.


What do we do

The activities of APD Brasov Club are outlined in the direction of fulfilling the mission of the Pro Democracy Association. In our opinion, identifying existing needs in our community in the field of civic participation and formulating programs and projects that meet these needs will lead to its sustainable development.

Until now, the APD Brasov Club has implemented projects that addressed both the citizens of Brasov and those in the country. Through our projects we also targeted target groups from the counties of Cluj, Gorj, Harghita, Hunedoara, Ialomita, Sibiu, Suceava, Teleorman, Valcea, Vrancea.

The APD Brasov Club acted as a resource organization within the APD as well as within some of the organization’s coalitions from which we have been or are part of, so the materials developed within the club have been taken over in various parts of the country. Our materials can also be found at the Brasov County Library.

Through its volunteers, the club in Brasov contributed alongside the other clubs to the modification of the electoral law as regards the status of the internal observer, observed the local, parliamentary and presidential elections since 1992 (in the country and since 2004, even internationally) , organized forums for candidates (for the first time in Romania), meetings between politicians and various social actors for drafting laws, seminars on education and civic participation.


What do we want

We aim at the following long-term objectives:    

  • Ensuring the correctness and administration of the electoral process at the local level;    
  • Develop mechanisms specific to participatory democracy, in particular by supporting democratic practices at microsocial level;    
  • Strengthening and depoliticizing local government and promoting good governance;    
  • Increasing the institutional capacity of the Brasov branch;  
  •  Supporting and strengthening non-governmental organizations that apply to participatory democracy practices;   
  • Professionalization of the current and future political class;   
  • Combating discrimination of any kind.