Do you think citizens need to be involved in public life?

Do you think civic participation is a fundamental principle that must underpin public decision-making?

Do you think young people must learn to be citizens by participating in civic education projects?  

If so, support us! By supporting Pro Democratia, you support civic education   

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Thanks to your contribution The Pro Democracy Club Braşov Association exists and resists to support civic participation and, last but not least, to signal the skirmishes of democracy. Through our club, generations of volunteers, younger or younger, have passed, and all have remained with something that can never be taken by anyone else: knowledge. We want to continue our civic education in society. Your support is important not only for financial support but also because it signals that one person still supports civic education. By supporting the existence of a headquarters, you support a place where groups of citizens can ask for information and counseling, or they can come together to solve a problem in the community. Come along with us! Becoming a loyal recurrent donor to ensure more consistency of our efforts.


Ways to offer support to our activities:

  1. Through Volunteering: Join us and solve a problem in the community through public participation. How to become a volunteer find here.
  2. Financial contribution directly to our account to support the association (it supports the existence of a headquarters to provide a civic citizens ‘citizens’ initiative)

Name of nonprofit entity – Asociaţia Pro Democrația club Brasov

Unique registration code / CUI – 8690763

IBAN LEI account: RO91RNCB0059015411480001

Bank: BCR Titulescu Brasov

Bank Address: Blvd. Eroilor nr 19, Brasov, Swift Code: RNCBROBU


  1. Sponsorship contract for legal entities

Download the Sponsorship Contract (here)


  1. Choose to send 2% of last year’s income tax to APD Brasov

According to art. 84, par. 2 of the Fiscal Code, any taxpayer, may direct 2% of the income tax paid to the state to any non-governmental organization (association, foundation, etc.). So you decide how you want to spend this money.

It is important to know that this amount is not a sponsorship or donation, it is part of the income tax already paid to the state, which can be directed by each citizen in part to the desired nonprofit organization!

  1. a) Download the pre-completed form with the Pro Democracy Club Association data

    If you have income from salaries, download Form 230 (here). If you have income from self-employment, income from disposal of property (without lease), income from agricultural activities, forestry and fish farming, gains from the transfer of ownership of the securities download form 200 (here)

  1. b) List the form, fill it with your data and sign it. It is not necessary to fill in the amount, it will be calculated by the representatives of the Financial Administration.
  2. c) Submit the filled-in original form to the Public Finance Home Administration by post, personally, or leave it to us at the association and submit it to us.