Press releases

  • More than 70 non-governmental organizations from all over Romania, including the Pro Democracy Association, meet and address an open letter to the PSD leadership, the party with the highest weight in Parliament, in order to express its position and to assume a transparent position regarding Ordinance 26/2000, tacitly adopted in the Romanian Senate on 21 November due to lack of quorum. Open Letter addressed to PSD November 2017  (only on romanian version)


  • Within the project Adopt a counselor I submitted the document Proposals to improve the citizens’ relationship – local counselors and amendments regarding the Organization and Functioning Regulations of the Brasov Local Council to the Brasov Local Council and the City Hall of Brasov. document containing proposals resulting from the observations gathered during the monitoring of the activity of the Brasov Local Council by the APD volunteers (May – September 2017) and in the meetings with various public actors. Press release proposals Adopt a counselor October 2017 (only on romanian version)


  • The Pro Democracy Association together with the European Association for the Protection of Human Rights (AEDH) expresses its concern about the new proposals for “justice reform” made by the Romanian Justice Minister and supported by a parliamentary majority, follows with fidelity the Hungarian and Polish models regarding the offensive against functioning of the rule of law. Press release Independence of Justice in Distress August 2017 (only on romanian version)


  • Come with us and 70 other young people from Romania, and for 6 days learn more about the values ​​and principles of democracy, cultural rights versus democracy, the concept of good governance, attitudes formation, human rights, integrity and morality, culture and democracy, project management, as well as other topics that the participants will propose to the National School for Democracy      




  • The Pro Democracy Association, a non-governmental organization with more than 25 years of electoral experience, monitors the electoral campaign and observes the process of organizing and conducting elections for the mayor’s office, the local council and the county council on 5 June 2016 CNC_comunicat APD _Sesizarea neregulilor din 5 iunie 2016