October 12, 2017 – Meeting for the presentation of the proposals for transparency of the activity of the Local Council

On Thursday, October 12, 2017, the meeting with the chairmen of the specialized commissions of the Brasov Local Council took place in order to present the proposals of APD Brasov Club regarding the transparency of the activity of the Local Council and on the regulation of the organization and functioning of the council.

The meeting takes place under the Adopt a counselor project. The project aims at stimulating local counselors for public consultation and informing citizens of Brasov municipality. Project activities consist of monitoring local councilors, publishing reports to reflect their work, organizing debates on local interest issues with local electors and counselors, and identifying applicable solutions that will lead to the transparency of counselors' work.

Counselors present agreed to our proposals. The proposals were designed to monitor the work of the local council for 5 months and to meet with various social actors (representatives of NGOs and owners' associations). We look forward to monitoring how our proposals will apply.

APDBrasov's proposals for transparency of CL Brasov's activity (only in romanian)

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