Adopt a councillor

Project: Adopt a counselor

Why did I initiate this project?

The activity of local councilors in Brasov is still unknown to the citizens. There are 27 councilors from Brasov, but only the councilors who have become vice-mayors are more visible as an activity. Activity reports are rare, we have not identified press releases or information that new local counselors have set up days and hours of audience or contact, and very few local counselors use social media to communicate with citizens. Moreover, the sessions of the Brasov Local Council committees are closed sessions and there is no real debate on local regulations that counselors can present to citizens. A new local council was formed in June 2016 and we want its members to be open, transparent, inform and consult citizens and local stakeholders interested in the problems / needs / situations of the city and the citizens. Our solution Initiating an “Adopt a Counselor” campaign through which citizens will monitor and evaluate the work of local councilors in Brasov for a period of 10 months. Publication of information on the City Hall’s website and public debates. Identification and dissemination of methods and solutions for the transparency of the activity of the Local Council.

Purpose and objectives of the project

Purpose: To stimulate local councilors for public consultation and to inform the citizens of Brasov municipality.

Objectives: Monitoring and Evaluation of the activity of local councilors in Brasov; Transparentialization of the local legislative process in Braşov Municipality and Realization of a web page of the organization (APD Braşov)

How to get involved

During March – April 2017 you can register as a volunteer of APD Brasov. Estimated working time: 2 hours / week, during the 10-month monitoring period. Profile of the volunteer Is over 16 years old (16-18 years old requires parental consent), non-partisan attitude, is a social media user (FB) and can browse the internet

Where the volunteers can sign up

Announcement on the FB project page: Adopt a counselor

In writing on the email of the association:

To phone: 0754833752 – ORANGE fixed (9: 00-13: 00)


Sincerely, Andreea Socaciu – project coordinator


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